Basic Netball Rules

Official Australian Indoor Netball Rules

Most Common Rules

Net Abuse

A player may not deliberately hold the nets or use the nets to 'push off' to gain an advantage. A player may not setp, land or jump into the nets. The nets may not be used to 'pin' a player in such a manner as to prevent movement. A player may not deliberately hold the ball int the net or push off with the ball to gain an advantage.

Contact - Personal

No personal contact with an opponent shall be allowed, deliberately or accidentally if tit interferes with an opponents play. No player shall deliberately move into the path of an already moving opponent. A player may not move into the natural landing area of an airborne player after that player has left the floor.

Contact - Ball

No player shall push the ball into an opponent or touch an opponent with the ball in order to interfere with that opponents play. A player shall not either accidentally or deliberately, place a hand or hands on a ball held by an opposing player in such a manner as to interfere with that opponents play.


Players can defend a player only after their 3 feet (or 1 meter) distance is taken from the "landed foot" of the player in possession of the ball. This can be both feet if a players landed simultaneously. A player is obstructing their opponent whether this distance a player is not obstructing if the arms are outstretched to catch, deflect or intercept a pass, or to rebound a shot for goal.

Replay - Bounce, Bat or Tip

Once a player has gained possession or control of the ball, then loses possession, that player may not touch or regain possession until it is first touched by another player or makes contact with the goal ring. The nets must not be construed as 'another player'.

* Penalty Rule - "Out of Play - Stand Beside"

A player penalised for obstruction, contact and 'net abuse' must stand beside and away from the player taking the penalty and shall have no further part in play until the ball has been released. This includes any movement prior to or on the release of the ball. This has to be done in a timely manner.

**N.B - All decisions are to the umpires discretion**