Covid Play Safe - Stay Safe Plan


Restarting Competitions 10th July 2020*

Brisbane City Indoor Sports working with QLD Health and IndoorSportsQLD have implemented our Stay Safe - Play Safe strategy following the approved government COVID-19 Plans for Field Sports and Indoor Sports. In addition to this approved plan we will also be implementing the following.

  1. No spectators permitted during the Stage 3 restrictions into the venue.

  2. Teams will be permitted to have reserves and substitutes under new Stage 3 restrictions.

  3. Players must enter and exit via the designated points.

  4. Captains are required to check in the whole team and we only accept one single payment per team prior to game comencing.

  5. All players details are required for contact tracing purposes and it is a requirement that your teams details are accurate and up to date. All fill ins and new players are required to update their details via the checking console or via the captains letter online form.

  6. On completion of your match you are required to leave your court immediately. Players must leave the facility within 10 mins of the match ending.

  7. Toilets will be opened, no other changing facilities or access to the showers will be available.

  8. Sports equipment is supplied, please do not bring any extra equipment or personal playing equipment other than your clothing and footwear.

Please be aware Brisbane City Indoor Sports expects all participants to follow the guidelines and take all recommendations on board for the safety of all participants during the COVID 19 Staged restrictions.

*open times subject to changes in staging restrictions

As we are required to operate under the national Stage 3 restrictions, and under the conditions of the QLD Government Industry COVID Safe Plan, there are some fundamental changes to operations that all players and visitors must be aware of, and adhere to.

State Industry COVID Safe Plan

The industry COVID Safe plan has been employed by Brisbane City Indoor Sports to ensure compliance with state law in regards to maintaining a safe environment for all staff and customers alike. The Industry safe plan that Brisbane City Indoor Sports follows is supplied by QSport and approved by QLD health. You can find a copy of this COVID Safe plan document here. It outlines all compliance measures that Brisbane City Indoor Sports have taken.

Hygiene requirements

The safety of all players and staff comes first. As such players are required to abide by the following:

  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitiser (provided at entrance) upon arrival
  • Bring your own drinks / drink bottles – our water fountains are not in use
  • Come ready for your game – changing rooms are temporarily closed(toilets are open)
  • No sharing of personal equipment (e.g. gloves, bats, protectors)
  • No huddles/high fives
  • Observe 1.5m social distancing at all times outside of games
  • BCIS staff will follow the government approved cleaning routine after each game, and all game equipment / entry points to courts will be sanitised.

Check in and payments

We are required to keep a record of all visitors and players to the centre and minimise the number of transactions made for payments. Considering these requirements, the following now applies without exception:

  • All players must be registered in full (Name, phone number, email address) and checked in prior to playing
  • Only one person per team (Captain / nominated person) is to enter the Captain’s Check In area at the counter to sign in the team members and make the game fee payment.
  • Only one game fee transaction can be made per team – if teams wish to split the game fee they must arrange this themselves so the game fee can be settled in one payment.
  • Cash payments are still accepted, though contactless card payments are preferred.
  • Full season payments with a 10% discount are also encouraged.

Access to Courts

Court access will now be limited to game time only. Please enter the centre just before your game time and leave promptly via the designated routes immediately after your game. Captain’s may enter slightly earlier to check in and make payment.

Substitutes & Spectators

Teams may have substitutes as normal – during games they must wait by the court and not in the common areas. Spectators are not allowed under current stage 3 restrictions unless unavoidable (e.g. children / carers). If this is the case for you, please contact BCIS management prior to your game.