Fast 5 Rules - Netball

5v5 Fast Netball Rules


5v5 netball is a shorter, faster version of traditional indoor netball and has some fundamental differences in the way the game is played:

  • Each team consists of 5 players on the court and up to 3 substitutes.Teams must always consist of minimum 1 male & max 2 males on the court.
  • Court positions for 5v5 are GS –GA –C –GK –GD
  • Game times are 4 x 6 min quarters, with 2 mins for half time and 2 mins between games.
  • Power Play: Each team can separately nominate one "power play" quarter, in which each goal scored by that team counts for double points.
  • 1 point or 2 points: The GS and GA may shoot goals from outside the shooting circle as well as inside.Goals scored from inside the circle count for 1 point, and goals from outside the circle count for 2 points(in a power-play quarter, they would count for 2and 4points respectively).