Players Code of Conduct

City 4051 CrossFit and Brisbane City Indoor Sports requires all its members and participants to follow a strict code of conduct in order to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment.

This code of conduct includes but not limited to:

  • All members/players must follow direction from all staff, directors, coaches and umpires at all times with no exceptions.
  • All members/players must maintaining a high level of safety and never endanger themselves or others.
  • All members/players must conduct themselves in a friendly and polite manner. Intimidation, discrimination, blackmailing and general negativity towards others and staff is not tolerated
  • Verbal attacks to other members/players and staff is not tolerated
  • Any forms of aggression including verbal and or physical assault to staff and or members/players is considered extreme and immediate expulsion may be imposed
  • No member shall make fellow members or staff feel uncomfortable or intimidated at any time.
  • Abuse of equipment in any form other than its intended use will not be tolerated.
  • All members/players must respect decisions of umpires and officials. Arguing and verbal assault on officials is considered extreme and immediate expulsion and possible barring may be imposed.
  • No intoxicated members/players are permitted to train. This includes alcohol, drugs or anything else that inhibits a persons judgement.
  • Respect our neighbors including noise levels when leaving the premises
  • All injuries must be reported to a staff member. Any injuries that have not been reported will not be covered by the player insurance.

Administration, directors and staff reserve the right to refuse entry to any member in breach of the above conditions. Members in breach of these conditions may also be terminated and and barred from the facility without prior incident.

City 4051 CrossFit is a licensed venue. Any member in breach of these conditions and refuses to leave the facility when instructed by administration and or staff is in breach of the QLD Liquor and Gaming act and may be fined according with the act.

All complaints are taken very seriously and investigated thoroughly by administration. If you have a complaint or would like to lodge a submission to staff please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.