Basketball Rules



During grading games (NO BONUS POINTS) teams will receive the following points – Win = Four (4) points, Bye = Four (4) points, Draw = Two (2) points, Loss = Zero (0) points. If a team joins the competition late, management reserves the right to award one regular bye (4 points) for the first missed game, then “late start” byes of two (2) points per game missed thereafter.


Each team consists of three players minimum. (2 substitutes allowed per game but more are allowed to be registered in case of absences). The game is played on a half-court, with one basket. A jump ball is not used to start the game. Instead, “Scissors paper rock” is played to decide who starts with possession. For periods 2 and 3 the starting possession will alternate. There are no jump balls at any time in the game; neither is there an alternating possession rule. In any held ball situation, the defensive team is granted possession.


Every successful shot inside the arc is awarded one point, while every successful shot behind the arc is awarded two points. The game consists of 3 periods of 10 minutes (12 minutes at Coorparoo). Each period is scored separately. In the event of a tie after regulation of a period, play continues with golden point after the ball is ‘checked’. The team who started with possession in that period will start with possession for the golden point. A team must win two of the three periods to win the match. There are no Time Outs during the periods.


Game play starts with the defensive team exchanging the ball with the offensive team behind the arc – referred to as ‘checking’ the ball. During this exchange the defensive player must remain 1 meter away from the offensive player until they have received the ball back in their hands. This exchange is also used to restart the game from any dead ball situation. If a foul is committed that results in the non-fouling team retaining possession — i.e., a technical or "unsportsmanlike" foul - the non-fouling team will receive the exchange.

If the defence gains possession of the ball within the arc, by a steal, a block or a rebound, the team must move the ball behind the arc (‘Clearing’ the ball) before being allowed to take a shot. If the team that gained possession has not cleared the ball yet and loses the possession the other team may shoot straight away.

After a made goal or free throw (except for technical or unsportsmanlike fouls), play restarts with a player from the non-scoring team checking the ball behind the arc.


In 3x3, a substitute becomes official once the player leaving the game has made physical contact with the substitute. Unlike the full-court game, no action from referees is required. Substitutions can only occur during dead ball situations.


Individual personal foul counts are not kept. In other words, players cannot be disqualified on the basis of personal fouls. However, a player who commits two unsportsmanlike fouls is disqualified and asked to leave the court. Fouls during the act of shooting inside the arc are awarded 1 free throw, whilst fouls during the act of shooting behind the arc are awarded 2 free throws. There is no foul count, however excessive and careless fouling will result in a warning which will be followed by the player being removed from the game if the fouling does not cease.

Technical fouls and Unsporstmanlike fouls result in two free throws plus possession of the ball.


During the last minute of play of any period any foul will be considered a shooting foul to avoid teams holding the ball. The number of shots awarded will be 1 if the foul occurred inside the arc and 2 if the foul occurred behind the arc. Any off the ball foul will be awarded 1 shot and the offensive team will retain possession.


4v4 and 5v5 differs from 3v3 as the score is the cumulative totals for each team over the three 12 minute periods - the higher scoring team being the winner.

Unlike 3 on 3 play starts from behind the baseline after points are scored.(same as traditional game)

Out of bounds results in handover and plays from the position the ball leaves the court. If the out of bounds occurred behind the backboard the player will throw the ball in from beside the backboard. The scoring is the same as traditional basketball with 2 points for baskets inside the arc, 3 for baskets behind the arc and 1 for free-throws.

The game consists of 3 periods of 12 minutes. Each period begins with a jump ball in the centre circle. For 4 on 4 and 5 on 5 the score is accrued with the winner being the team with the most points at the end of 3 periods.

Any foul in the last 2 minutes of the game will be considered a shooting foul to avoid teams holding the ball. The number of shots awarded will be 2 if the foul occurred inside the arc and 3 if the foul occurred behind the arc. Any off the ball foul in the last 2 minutes will be awarded 2 shots and the offense will retain possession. There is no overtime in the event of a draw.

There are no jump balls within 4 x 4 and play starts with a coin toss with the winning team starting from their baseline. All held ball situations result in a handover to the defensive team.


An Unsportsmanlike foul is a player contact foul which, in the judgement of an official is:

Not a legitimate attempt to directly play the ball within the spirit and intent of the Rules.

Excessive, hard contact caused by a player in an effort to play the ball or an opponent.

An unnecessary contact caused by the defensive player in order to stop the progress of the offensive team in transition (for 3 on 3 ‘transition’ is when a team clears the ball outside the 3 point line and passes it back in for an opportunity for a quick basket).

Contact by the defensive player on an opponent on the playing court during the last 2 minutes in the third period in 5 on 5 and the last minute of any period in 3 on 3 when the ball is out of-bounds for a throw-in and has not been thrown-in yet. The ball counts as being thrown in when it has touched a player that is inbounds.

A technical foul is a player non-contact foul of a behavioural nature including, but not limited to:

  • Disregarding warnings given by officials.
  • Disrespectfully dealing with the officials, the commissioner, the table officials or the team bench personnel.
  • Disrespectfully communicating with the officials, the commissioner, the table officials or the opponents.
  • Using language or gestures likely to offend or incite the spectators.
  • Baiting and taunting an opponent
  • Obstructing the vision of an opponent by waving/placing his hand(s) near his eyes.
  • Excessive swinging of elbows.
  • Delaying the game by deliberately touching the ball after it passes through the basket or by preventing a throw-in from being taken promptly.
  • Fake being fouled.

A player shall be disqualified for the remainder of the game when he is charged with 2 technical fouls, or 2 unsportsmanlike fouls, or with 1 unsportsmanlike foul and 1 technical foul. Disciplinary action may follow and ejection and will be made at the discretion of management.