Restarting Competitions 10th July 2020*

Brisbane City Indoor Sports working with QLD Health and IndoorSportsQLD have implemented our Stay Safe - Play Safe strategy following the approved government COVID-19 Plans for Field Sports and Indoor Sports. In addition to this approved plan we will also be implementing the following.

  1. No spectators permitted during the Stage 3 restrictions into the venue.

  2. Teams will be permitted to have reserves and substitutes under new Stage 3 restrictions.

  3. Players must enter and exit via the designated points.

  4. Captains are required to check in the whole team and we only accept one single payment per team prior to game comencing.

  5. All players details are required for contact tracing purposes and it is a requirement that your teams details are accurate and up to date. All fill ins and new players are required to update their details via the checking console or via the captains letter online form. https://www.brisbanecityindoorsports.com.au/captains-responsibilities

  6. On completion of your match you are required to leave your court immediately. Players must leave the facility within 10 mins of the match ending.

  7. Toilets will be opened, no other changing facilities or access to the showers will be available.

  8. Sports equipment is supplied, please do not bring any extra equipment or personal playing equipment other than your clothing and footwear.

Please be aware Brisbane City Indoor Sports expects all participants to follow the guidelines and take all recommendations on board for the safety of all participants during the COVID 19 Staged restrictions.

*open times subject to changes in staging restrictions


We want to thank all our teams at Brisbane City Indoor Sports for the amazing effort they have been doing with our Covid Safe Plan and with the vast changes we have put in place with social distancing to ensure that everyone plays safe and stays safe.

With the recent cases that we have seen from southern states, now is the time not to be complacent and to double down on our efforts to restrict contact and to maintain social distancing.

We want to thank the vast majority of players for adhering to our changes and for following our Covid Safe Plans.

As a reminder we ask teams to please follow these protocols at our venues.

  • No spectators
    We realise that Indoor Sports is great and that spectators may want to watch. However as part of our current Covid Safe plan and to reduce the number of patrons in our venue we require players only to attend our venues. To avoid disappointment of being turned away please ensure that you notify all team members that we can not allow spectators into the venues.
  • Must Leave straight after matches
    Although our Covid Safe plan allows for greater numbers of patrons in our venues due to the size, Brisbane City Indoor Sports has made it part of our Play Safe plan to ask all players to leave our venues as quickly as possible after matches are complete. This is to ensure that we have the minimum number of players in our venue at one time. Similar to the spectators rule we are doing all we can to ensure that we take as many precautions as we can on and off the court to ensure the health and safety of our players.
  • On court conduct
    Again we thank our players for being so amazingly understanding of all the changes that we have all had to take on to keep our sports running during this very tough time. We ask that you all keep up the great work on the courts to ensure that we reduce contact and social distancing where possible. We understand that sport requires at times close proximity to players, however if we can reduce the times that we are close even by a percentage we are giving ourselves the best chances possible to restrict any infections of any kind between players.
  • Off court conduct
    Off court we ask that all players maintain social distancing at all times and this includes seating and using the correct entries and exits. Both venues are clearly marked for entries and exits and also where seating is assigned.

Lastly thank you to all the teams that continue to support us. Without your support we could not have made it this far. I would also like to thank our amazing staff that have had to adapt so quickly and to have done such an amazing job to get us back up and running so smoothly.


Please be aware Brisbane City Indoor Sports expects all participants to follow the guidelines and take all recommendations on board for the safety of all participants during the COVID 19 Staged restrictions.