Beach Volleyball Rules

The Court

BCIS have 3 full size indoor courts. Each court is 8m x 8 m on each side. Each court has 2 antenna that the ball upon play must travel between to stay in-play. Each court has a full size net that are set at 2 heights, Mens and Womens. Mixed competitions play on Mens height net. Once a ball has been deemed in play from a serve, the ball must travel over the net and between the antenna. If a ball lands outside of the 8m x 8m area it is deemed out and a foul is awarded. If the ball touches any part of the surrounding lines, the ball is deemed in and a point is awarded.

The Game...

Indoor Beach Volleyball is a game played by two teams on sand courts.

The ball may be hit with any part of the body and is limited to three consecutive hits, *no player is allowed to make two consecutive contacts.

The game is controlled by a determined time frame per third, the team with the highest score at the end of that time is deemed the winner for that set, if both teams finish on the same score at the end of time a golden point is played to decide the winner of the set.

The aim of the game is to defeat the opponents by making the opposing team make an error or landing the ball within the confines of the court on the opposing teams side.


This can be done by digging, hitting or spiking the ball over the net. Setting the ball as an attack is not allowed and will be deemed as a foul. unintentional setting over the net is ruled as ok as part of the umpires discretion.

*The only time a player is allowed to touch a ball twice is during the action of a block. If a player blocks a ball, they are allowed to attempt another play at the ball but this counts as the second touch. The next touch must be from another player and must be returned over the net.

The Team ...

A team consists of 2 or 4 players on the court at one time. Pairs are not permitted to have substitutions but in social 4's you may have more then 4 players and rotate after every serve.

The Net...

At no time may a player touch the net. If a player intentionally or unintentionally touches a net, a point is awarded to the opposing team.

Although a player may not touch the net, a ball may be played off of a net. A player may not touch the net in attempting to play a ball off of a net.

Playing the ball

when a player attempts to play at a ball whether it is a serve, pass, dig or spike, the ball must "rebound" off of the player. The only exception to this rule is the set where the umpire will decide if the set is controlled. At no time may the ball be lifted or directed. If the umpire decides a ball has been lifted or directed they will call a "carry" and the opposing team will be awarded a point.

General Fouls...

Here are a list of general fouls that will result in a point awarded to the opposing team.

  • The ball touches the ground
  • Team plays the ball more than three times in succession
  • A player touches the ball twice consecutively (except on a block)
  • A player touches the net
  • A player blocks or spikes the ball back over the net off the serve
  • The ball does not pass over the net on the serve
  • The umpire calls a carry
  • A player interferes with an opponents player
  • A player intimidates an opponent or abuses another player
  • A player attacking or defending reaches over the net
  • A player abuses the umpire
  • A player hits the ball out of bounds


This game is controlled by an umpire whom keeps the score and controls the play. In any sport there are close calls where players will disagree, but remember the umpire has been given a job to do, and the umpires' decision is always final. Any arguing with an umpire or abuse directed at an umpire can result in a point reduction, and then followed by a send off.

Please respect our umpires decisions and remember that these competitions are social. If you are wanting to play at a higher level there are other competitions that are available for you to play in. Please respect all players and show sportsmanship by shaking hands before and after a game no matter what the score or result is.

And most important

Have fun!