Indoor Netball

With no out-of-bounds and a smaller court than the traditional outdoor game, Brisbane City indoor netball can be fast and frantic, and so much fun!.

What is Indoor Netball?

Traditionally known as a sport for women, Indoor Netball has become one of the most popular mixed team sports in Australia. As more and more spectator husbands, boyfriends, friends and brothers are getting off the sidelines and onto the court, our mixed teams now match our ladies in team numbers at Brisbane City Indoor Sports.

Rules of Indoor Netball are similar to the traditional outdoor version, but for those who have never played, the basics are:

  • 7 players per team, each with a designated position and zone of the court they are allowed to move within (mixed teams are allowed a min of 2 or a max of 3 men)
  • Extra players are allowed, but substitutions can only be made between quarters or if an injury occurs
  • Each match consists of 4 x 9 minute quarters (players may change positions during any quarter-time break)
  • Netball is a non-contact sport and defenders must remain 1 meter from the ball-carrier at all times to avoid obstruction penalties
  • Because the court is completely surrounded by netting, there is no 'out-of-bounds', adding a dimension and tactics not available to traditional netball
  • Teams earn bonus points on the ladder for every 10 points scored within a single game, after teams are graded into a division.

Join the largest Indoor Netball competition in Brisbane at Brisbane City Indoor Sports.

When can I play Indoor Netball?

Brisbane City Indoor Sports offers Indoor Netball on the following nights:

Mixed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from 6:10pm - 9:30pm
Ladies Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights from 6:10pm - 9:30pm


At Brisbane City Indoor sports we understand that not all players can play in identical uniforms. We do not enforce social rules of identical uniforms but do ask that a similar 'team colour' be worn to help distinguish between team players. Indoor Netball also has player bibs that must be worn by all players and are available at Brisbane City Indoor Sports.($5/set hire per game)

Mixed Netball format

Mixed netball can be a fast paced, action packed game with men and women pitted against each other on court. To ensure that all teams are evenly matched there are restrictions on the number of male players on court at one time. At any one time only 2 males minimum and 3 males maximum are allowed to be on the court.

Netball Court

The netball court is divided up into thirds. Each third is 9 meters in width and standard netball rules apply.

Court Dimensions

Length x Width: 27m x 9m

Staff are great, umpiring is very friendly, great center!

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