Indoor Cricket

A sport popular with players of all ages, Indoor Cricket has grown over the years to become one of Australia's most popular ways to meet people, exercise and have fun!

What is Indoor Cricket?

Indoor Cricket has been immensely popular in Australia since it was invented in the late 70's.

The beauty of Indoor Cricket is that EVERY player bats and bowls the same number of overs as their team mates, keeping everyone involved in the game. For those who have never played before, the basics of Indoor Cricket are:
  • 8 players per team
  • Teams may still take the court with a minimum of 6 players, though their opponents get to choose which player(s) bat and bowl in the missing players place
  • Each innings consists of 16 x 6 ball overs, with every player bowling 2 overs and each batting pair facing 4 overs
  • Batsmen score runs by running between wickets but also gain bonus runs of between 1 and 6 for hitting certain nets
  • When a batsman is 'out' he loses 5 runs from his score but remains in bat
  • Teams also earn bonus ladder points or 'skins' by winning each corresponding batting partnership (i.e. 1st pair of Team A versus 1st pair of Team B, etc)
  • The only equipment players need is a bat, gloves and protector and all of these can be either purchased or borrowed from Brisbane City Indoor Sports
  • Matches last approximately 1 hr 10 minutes (30 - 35 minutes/innings)

When can I play Indoor Cricket?

Brisbane City Indoor Sports offers Indoor Cricket competitions;
Monday 5:50pm - 9:15pm
Wednesday 5:50pm - 9:15pm Each night has its own graded competition - usually with between 3 and 5 grades - matching similarly skilled teams against each other.

Indoor Cricket Courts

Brisbane City Indoor Sports courts are 9m x 27m with full lines and pitch markings.


Equipment is supplied however there are some items that we do not cover, these include male box protectors. All bats, indoor balls, keepers gloves are supplied however we encourage you to purchase your own items or team items that we can store on site. These items can be purchased at the the front desk.


Here at Brisbane City Indoor Sports we do not enforce strict uniform policy. Therefor all indoor cricket players are free to wear any sporting equipment that they choose. Please note though that Brisbane City Indoor Sports also hands out awards for team uniforms and team names at the end of the season. Also you may want to dress in a team color to show your commitment in your social sport.