Indoor Beach Volleyball

Volleyball is the ultimate non-contact team sport that everyone can play. Played on a full size sand court, Beach Volleyball is great fun for family, friends and work teams.

What is Beach Volleyball?

The rules are simple and all necessary equipment and officials are provided.

Simply get some guys and girls together and you're ready to get into the action! Competitions are available for men's, ladies & mixed teams of all standards


Beach fours is a social version of the competitive pairs Beach Volleyball. With beach fours you are allowed to have a maximum of 4 people on the court at one time. Players may swap or rotate on every service change. Beach fours is a fun way to learn beach volleyball and also get fit.

  • 4 players per team (open format, any combination of gender is allowed)
  • Extra players are allowed, but substitutions can only be made between service rotation
  • Each match consists of 3 x 14 minute halves


Pairs Beach Volleyball is the traditional way the sport is played. Consisting of only 2 players on court at one time, and the same dimensions as fours beach volleyball means that it is faster, harder and more physically demanding. Perfect for those looking to take their skills to the next level or for ones looking for a challenge. Pairs volleyball has no restrictions on mixed gender although the womens competition is restricted to women only. Open beach volleyball applies to everyone, men and women alike.

  • 2 players per team
  • 3 x 9 minute rounds

When can I play Indoor Beach Volleyball?

Brisbane City Indoor Sports offers Indoor Beach Volleyball on the following nights:

Open Beach 4's Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights
Open Pairs Monday and Thursday nights

How can I get started?

If you want to play Beach Volleyball with your team click here. If you want to play but can't get a team together, please register your details with us and we'll get you into a side!

Beach Courts

Brisbane City Indoor Sports uses the finest grade sand for all its beach courts. This sand ensures that is is free from impurities and is cleaned and leveled regularly. The depth of the sand (3ft) also ensures your safety when diving or landing in the sand. Below are a few dimensions and net heights for the different divisions.

Net Heights
  • Mens - 2m43cm
  • Womens - 2m20cm
  • Mixed -2m43cm
Court Dimensions

Length x Width: 16m x 8m