Beach Tennis || Fast, Fun, Addictive

Beach Tennis is a fun, fast and addictive aerial game played on a sand court similar to beach volleyball. The game is played by volleying the ball without hitting the ground and the rest is similar to normal tennis rules. The game is a hybrid of tennis, beach volleyball and badminton.

The court is 8m x 8m with a net that is 1.7m high so this makes the game easier to play with some spectacular high flying shots and diving in the sand! Scoring is the same as normal tennis and is usually played in pairs

Most of all Beach Tennis is a highly energised and addictive game that can be played by everyone! It is Great Fitness and FUN.

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What is Beach Tennis?

Beach Tennis is a hybrid sport of tennis x badminton x beach volleyball. It is played on a beach volleyball court in pairs and has similar scoring to tennis and just as easy rules. The difference is that the ball must be vollied only and cannot hit the ground so everything stays in the air. Apart from that it is as addictive and fun to play as all these sports put together.

What are the key features?

  • 2 players per team per side
  • Paddles are a plastic composite, light weight bat
  • Scoring is similar to tennis with the most games won in a 30 minute time slot, swapping ends on 13 minute thirds
  • The court is an 8 x 8 m beach court with a net 1.7m high
  • Teams earn bonus points on the ladder for every 10 games scored within a single game

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When can I play Beach Tennis?

Brisbane City Indoor Sports offers Beach Tennis on the following nights:

Mixed Wednesday and Thursday, Friday nights from 6pm - 9:45pm


At Brisbane City Indoor sports we understand that not all players can play in identical uniforms. We do not enforce social rules of identical uniforms but do ask that a similar 'team colour' be worn to help distinguish between team players.